Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Signature marks of a Demagogue 

         There are many people who are accused of being demagogues and social manipulators who knew how to steer crowds and they do arise from time to time and they do manifest characteristics that are typical of them . They often appeal to our inner primordial instincts of 
a) engage in trivialities and avoid serious discourse  b)feelings of  physical,economic,social psychological and other forms of insecurity, c) primordial feeling of narrow teritorialism, d) false sense of strength and invincibility even in the face of clear calamitous foreseeable catastrophic stance . e) engage in simplistic and linear representation of what are otherwise very complex challenges of the time. f) impart the sense of being the Hercules and Samson of the time and appeal to humanity's primordial instinctive love for the fittest, g) Create a false sense of feeling that the whole world is against us type of schizophrenic confabulation .Do we see these somewhere in the US today and these days ? I will leave the answer for others and refrain  my self from finger pointing and elaborate on the six points I had reiterated here above. 
        I know I am not going to be liked by some to put it very mildly ,but what got to be said had to be said, and I am about to say for all to know. More than often our primordial instincts are the drivers of our instantaneous reactions when told or faced with things, only when the lessons of experience and history hit us, do we take a deep breath and start second guessing our actions and actions and thought trends of others;  though some times late in the game and at other times just in time to avert a disastrous course we are on. 
         A master demagogue knows and exploits these weakness and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.When a campaign forum turns in to a shaw of whether some one's hair do is real or wig , as though any citizen cares if the he  have himself mad a hat made of gray concrete and had them on as long as he did not act as though his skull is filled with gray concrete instead of the gray matter it is,  is not only a triviality unworthy of the forum it is an art of demagoguery to evade from the real issues of the time and the people. When an unfortunate accidental and coincidental happenstances of great and scaled down misfortune is portrayed as a grand conspiratorial act of a social ,religious , national or other class of people where there is none is one of the examples of creating a false sense if insecurity and playing in to people's primordial instinctive  feeling of insecurity. 
         Every member of the animal kingdom perhaps even plants' primordial instinct is territorial till a stage where contemporary humanity outgrew familial  tribal,and national territorialism and his or her home become where his/her heart happens to be , A  proposal and claim to build thousands of miles of territorial boundary and site the great wall of china as an example is not only a skewed reading of history to have missed that the Chinese people whom the wall was built to divide in to two failed its initial intentions that the Chinese jump over it as they wish, it is as well  a measure of the irrationality of any demagogue. 
          To say  African American issues   are issues of jobs and nothing more is the same linear oversimplification of what is a really one of the most complex and diversified problem of the time and past ,and future . To say “ their situation is terrible ,they need.