Friday, January 15, 2016

Wake up

A,B,C&D  are playing a game ,where the game entails A promises to do the business of D, B is to judge whether B is fit and can do the job A promises to do, and C cares wether A is generating news that interests all B, C & D.  A normally pays  C to get his word out and is often financed by B, and have a vested interest to generate attention attractive  pieces of info to get his voice out for free ,which saves B some money ,C gives A attention to what A says because it cares for its ratings. Without their consent and formal agreement all the three parties are joined in a feedback loop that perpetrates itself despite the service or disservice to the principal which was supposedly D. 
              Now that this loop has gained its momentum and all the tree parties have vested interest in it's going whats is too stop it? D as left out of the loop, does it has the power and the means to turn it around and to have the power to stop  these menace? It seems it had long abdicated its power and may be it is not yet conscious or it knows but have no means to change it .The fifth party tries to make a noise but thus far have failed to get the attention,  neither the ears nor the eye brows of any of the  parties or the principal have thus far been enticed to open. B thus far tells how great he had done in the past, how he had been able to scoop some public properties to his personal gains and interests ,in effect he is telling the property owner “the Principal” how he had snatched from the custodians of the principals properties. When asked what public good have you done with the great accusations you had amassed over the years ? 
              We no some who are richer than you and poorer than you spending their efforts and wealth for the greater good of the nation and the world at large .He is nowhere to be found . How is it that the principal being cowed by this used car sales man swindler who pitches to the principal I win ,I win, I win...... and had no record of winning for the principal but from the principal as he continuously tells it and brags about. He had won ,won and won from the principal enough now he wants to win and win for the principal that is tired of loosing to him. 
               Funny enough he boldly confesses how he bought his winnings and he wants perhaps to buy the principals winnings from the already bankrupt principal's account. Isn't that what Used car sales men do? Sale you a car with four wheels, but no engine while you are awake and alive? 
A= candidiate 
B= party members 
C= media

D= general electorate