Sunday, December 7, 2014

Some Glossed Over facts

It is often true if one repeats what have already been said just for the sake of saying it with another voice ,one would have accomplished nothing ,but simply increase the entropy of the environment with results in negative impact in the long run and no contemporary positive gain of any sort. As much as I urge others from repeating anything in a parrot like redundancy I will refrain my self from saying anything that have already been said by others or stated an unbigaueously in an effort not to add an undue entropy to our environment. Often during our daily routines from the overwhelming chatter, noise and voice a few sounds and words catches our attention and from a monotony of horizon to horizon views a few things attract our interest, and more than likely those are the ones often missed out by most that needs to be pointed out by those who had the the opportunity and privilege of their revelation. Revelation a word perhaps wrongly or may be rightly associated with with the dictation or display of the a reality by the Devine from above . Here I would like to say that is by far not the reference I am trying to impart , but the endowment gained by an effort of training, by being subjected to a condition in time and being at the right moment in the right condition in the right time in space. While those with right frame of mind and possible speciality delight in the revelations the so often or rarely encounter others puzzle over or simply dismiss it as a mysterious anomaly and go about their daily routine. That by the way is telling of the great path of specialization and cooperation that led us up the ascendancy of life from the single celled to the most complex, organization of specialized cells of our form. As we discover the hidden mysteries of life, what we have come to believe is non other than the ever organization and specialization of cells in to varied specialities to form the whole of our complex system.The depth of complexity and specialization increases and decreases as the complexity of the task of our group of specialized cells, and no wonder the brain cells excels all others by the measures reiterated.
I will be quoting from the Scientific American monthly as usual for I am a fond reader and avid follower of the magazine for the las 32 years of my life. I have been often accused of quoting, and I do that only to give due credit to those distinguished and knowledgeable people whose writing often appear on the magazine and beyond. This time again I am prompted by a research report that appear on the very recent issue by a group of distinguished scientists who had done the hard lab and field work and collected the data to bring us their conclusions to whom I pay tribute of gratitude for having walked the walk and presented us such a great work of discovery, and make some little foot notes if I may help some glossed over facts as revealed and presented. I will be making simple armchair analytics with out the benefit of lab work and experiment to which I had no privilege and all my notes and comments should be taken as such and no more. I would like to make clear from the out set that I have no intention of undermining or in any way belittling the work accomplished or the efforts made , but simply pin point some of the questions that could arise and arose in me as I read through the work and made some conjectures when I felt it might help answer some of the same issues and questions mentioned as everything we do has causes and reasons, so it is for my writing this article. It wasn't a long time ago that I had said perhaps goofed or embarrassed a note able of the time that I was severely criticized for being a know nothing word crafter and say that if properly crafted they do impart beauty and essence that If for any reason that charge arises again, I stand convicted as charged and raise no defense or complaints.
Evolution The Human Saga”
It is a history of specialization and organization specialization in the minutest of existence and organization in the nano, micro and macro levels of existence , being and nothingness. Our great ancestor of all multi celled life the didn't start the journey of evolution by mere specialization nor by organization alone, but both and the legacy lives on to date.specialization and organization are fundamental to life . Life as we know it besides amoeba , is a product of these complimentary duo processes of organization and specialization. Even our complexity is directly correlated to a deeper and wider speciality and bigger and more intricate organization as a result organization without a speciality is a meaningless jumble as speciality with out organization is like a single hand clapping in the wilderness. Global life form from the nano scale to the global scale have worked and existed as a highly synchronized organization of specialized individual and group entities that have often been in dynamic flux and vulcanism . A dynamism and vulcanism cause by matter and energy migration to the system and from the system that engendered new entities and introduced to the system out of the net surplus ; a net surplus that seems to have propelled life along the path of evolutionary forward development of higher specialization and organization. Life seems to have kept the synchronous balance of the different forms, entities and species of global life till about the emergence of the human species that sprang in to the scene and metastasized like the cancer cell and covered the whole of the Globe in a relatively minuscule evolutionary time scale. The analogy here is no less relevant to what the cell is to the body of an animal or plant is the human to the Global ecosystem, we have been an uncontrollable cancerous entity to the the Global ecosystem . Non other species have had the chance to metastasize and cover the whole earth in the time scale we have been able . We humans have been indeed the marathon runners who evaded speciation only with epigenetic effect manifestation and covered the whole surface of the earth because of our rapid rate of metastasis. As covering the whole surface of a sphere entails a divergent and convergent process, our convergence seems to have averted the ever prospect of speciation and perhaps only to evolve and evolve to who knows what.? Where as we have pressed uniformity of life style by way medical treatment, nutrition, and other life's amenities , where as we genetically engineer, edit and delete the genetic makeup of plants and animals we desire as per our needs ,we have not only become masters of our own destiny, but masters of the whole of Global life forms. Whether speciation happens by cumulative epigenetic threats or simply by cumulative gene mutations due to environmental, nutritional other relevant factors , our direct involvement to determine and decide as to which way it should go and had gone has become more vivid since the mastery of the mystery of the gene and the the methods of manipulation and alterations there of particularly to those plants and animals on whom our survival directly depends not that there are any that we don't depend on or depend on us. It seems somehow long term adverse or extremely conducive changes in the environment is what causes speciation and our interference be it in our own or other life forms have often been to enable weather the changes and keep the statuesque and thwart the changes that could possibly lead to a bigger changes perhaps due to our foresight or short sightedness .To me as masterfully described by the authors of the large publication so eloquently described “Evolution the human saga “ entails all these and many more.
As I read through the article I found some points that I felt need to be amplified and others that I had puzzled over and have some what find it hard to understand and ask questions of to have a better understanding or perhaps if there are additional points that needed to be made to make things clearer be stated. “our ability to cooperate in large societies has deep evolutionary roots in the animal kingdom” one for all : Douglas P . Fry : scientific American ,sept, 2014.

what is this deep evolutionary root ? The author of the article had indeed described many and perhaps all , but it is something that is often common to all of us life forms that is in our DNA that seems to exist in all living life forms at the same time. The common DNA strands that bind us all in some form of a quantum entanglement . Could these quantum entangled DNA strands express when subjected to the same environmental condition to make us emphatic and sympathetic because they express in us and in them simultaneously to other life forms and force us to cooperate? I am not suggesting in any way that it is but just ask the question and leave it for any one and all .Perhaps one day someone competent will answer it or perhaps it is simply a silly question a layman of my caliber and literacy would ask that it deserves any attention at all. In any way I asked it and it is off my chest and I am sure it wont hurt any one .

To be continued

I can not hid the fact that this them was rather more precisely and authoritatively ,by the man who is indisputably leading the way ever since set out to sequence the DNA of many life forms and species including the full human DNA sequence .In his latest book “life at the speed of light “ he had proven to us that of the many seemingly insoluble problems that humanity had grappled for decades, centuries and beyond are indeed soluble and within the capabilities of human understanding. To site a few telepathy is one which was explained to my layman's understanding in what I had reiterated here before in the twin telepathic feeling and emotional exchanges phenomenon. It is though here important to mention a fundamental revelation that ought be emphasized over and again is that life is in its ultimate form information and information in turn is discreet because information is computable . computation is only possible as set by the fundamental law of calculous by the limitation put on limit .As one can infer from the same fundamental concept Zero and infinity are analogous quantities that are incomputable because of their being analogous as the universe itself is . Though the universe is analogous and incomputable everything of material content with in the universe is computable and digital as life have been proven to be By DR Venter and colleagues as is narrated in his book “Life at the speed of light.” This seems to be where we are to day in the evolutionary human saga . It is an exiting time and it will only get more as we push forward in time and space ,we are the lucky ones even to have to know such is the time we are in .Mathematics is the language of computation and it is a digital language where as every other known language analogous and non computational as are the humanities and philosophy . The division between humanities and the sciences at the basic fundamental level to me appears and appeals as a division between the the computational digital world outlook and the incomputable analogous on the other .

   to be continued