Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Living in thre relativistic reality of the universal existence,it is often hard to tell what is right and what is wrong, what is right and what is left,what is white and what is dark, and even what is dark and what is bright often remain in the shady gray middle grounds just for that reason. The shady gray middle is often acceptable to all and yet simultaneously not up to the wished desires of all, but when pulled from every direction and point of our spatial realm; physical, spiritual and intellectual integrity dictates to us to gravitate to this shady gray middle ground and nowhere else. Reality also dictates that we accept that there are indeed views, voices and realities that are out in the fringes crying out to be given their fair hearing for whatever they are worth. As it had happened many times these voices and realities that are in the fringes will in time certainly be in the middle as new voices and realities take to the fringes and overtake them. For now this blog site will for sure intend to be entertaining of all views and accepting what has become the norm and established standard and welcome you to dive in and take a lap. It will for sure intends to entertain your extravagant indulgence unabated and be only accepting of your middle ground and main street realities.

Ayele Teklemariam